For an example of a business that provides a novel twist on a common product, look no further than Insomnia Cookies. There is nothing special about the variety of cookies they offer, but you can get them warm – and delivered – until 3 a.m.

It’s not surprising that outlets are commonly located near major universities where hungry students may take advantage of the middle-of-the-night hours, nor is it unexpected that they don’t do deliveries until noon on weekends. But they have created a niche where in less than an hour can have your sweet treat, at your door complete with a la mode if you so desire.

Insomnia Cookies has built their business around their hours – having little competition for delivered snacks after midnight – and convenience. Hot breakfast sandwich delivery? Rent-a-dog? “Speed services” (like speed dating) to help you decide on which church to visit?

What about you? Think about how you can take your existing product or service and present it in a new way. Maybe an idea will come to you at 2am when you are eating your cookies!

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