A colleague’s young son had to describe the process of how to do something. According to Leo, here is how to sled:

  1. We go to the hill to sled.
  2. Then we go home.
  3. Then you go in sid your howse.

I think that adults follow a similar pattern too often:

  1. I went to the conference. 2. Then I went home. 3. Then I went back to work as if nothing was learned and nothing changed as a result of the training.


  1. I went to church. 2. Then I went home. 3. Then I went about my business and didn’t think about God or faith or religion again until next Sunday.


  1. I went to a meeting. 2. Then I went back to my desk. 3. Then I did nothing to follow up or advance the agenda until it was time to cram for the next meeting.

And so on.

Don’t just go to the hill and then go home. What you do in between is where all the opportunity lies.

Thanks, Katie!

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