With the new year often comes nostalgia and a time to look back to reflect on all the experiences of 2018. Some people record their thoughts in a journal, others use a calendar and others make note in different ways. But if the memories from 2018 have escaped you, perhaps you want to take a more proactive approach to capture them this year.

The 1-Second-Everyday application (for Apple users) allows you to record one second of video each day, upload it into the app and then the app takes all of your snippets and edits them together into a movie. If you’re diligent, at this time next year, you’ll be able to watch a six-minute video that replays a moment from every day in 2019. In addition to the memories, doing such a task every day will provide added benefits from the discipline of just doing it.

Time goes by so quickly. Make this the year where you capture a second of it, 365 times.



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