When my mom was in her 50s, she wanted this Fisher Price piggy bank. Every time she saw it in a store she would look at it and smile, but of course, she was too frugal to buy something so frivolous for herself. I never really liked it very much or understood the appeal, but I bought it for her anyway.

Mom kept that piggy bank in a prominent spot in her bedroom for 30+ years, then it went to the memory care facility with her. Now that she is gone, it has a permanent place in my home.

Not only does that silly pig remind me of her – especially today on the one-year anniversary of when we lost her – but it reminds me that gifts are meant to be for the recipient, not the giver. Too often we buy things we like or that seem practical to us rather than indulging someone with a treasure they wouldn’t buy on their own.

This holiday season give someone the equivalent of that piggy bank. It may not seem logical or make any sense at all but love often comes in strange packages.

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