I love asking kids what they are going to be for Halloween. Hearing whether they have chosen to be a princess, warrior, video game avatar, scary monster, nurse, cartoon icon, animal or Harry Potter character gives you a peek into their interests and how they see themselves in a way that is hard to decipher at other times in the year.

When it comes to adults, oftentimes the costume is influenced by external rather than internal factors: what can I wear to work? What can I make out of what exists in my closet? What is a costume that doesn’t really look like a costume?

For kids and adults alike, Halloween is a day to take on another persona and be someone that you don’t normally get to be. What if adults did that today – sans costume. If you’re usually the quiet one, for today, be the one to raise your hands first. If you’re seen as independent or private, for today, ask someone else to lunch or to work with you on a project. If you’re prone to be talkative, make it your pledge today to focus on listening.

You don’t need a mask or costume to express a different part of your personality. We can all treat others today by sharing another side of who we authentically are.

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  1. I do this all the time. At home I love to sit quietly and enjoy the view. I am not normally very extroverted at home, where I can completely be myself. It is my happy place. When I am attending classes or in an external environment I push myself to speak up and voice my opinions. Over the years this pushing has become comfortable and almost second nature and has led to some very positive experiences.

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