Why is it acceptable for car dealerships to place their logo on your car?

I think that cars are the only items that are clearly marked where they are purchased. I can’t imagine buying a television and having a big Best Buy sticker slapped on it, wearing a coat that has a Nordstrom or TJ Maxx patch on the sleeve or having the cornerstone of my house clearly show “built by Lansing Construction.”

Yet, everywhere you look, cars are emblazoned with the conspicuous logo of the dealership. Most people would not place a temporary bumper sticker on their vehicle, but they allow these advertisements to be mounted without a second thought.

The practice is so prevalent that most people don’t even notice them, but once you start paying attention you will see not only the logos but the appalling way they are applied. It gives a whole new meaning to sticker shock.

On your next vehicle purchase, just say no.

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