This is the first Mother’s Day that I am without my mom and while I’m sure it’s not a new phenomenon for many, it is hard for me.

When I think about the mother/daughter relationship, not only do I think about my Mom, I think about the pseudo-mom role that I have played for the last decade. When I was working in St. Louis, I took a student from Georgia under my wing. Due to the distance, her parents were unable to regularly watch her play basketball in person, so I was that fan in the stands. If she needed someone as a guest for a banquet or awards ceremony, she called on me. For over a decade, to her, I am still “Momma T” even though this year she is a mom herself.

On Mother’s Day, think of mother as a verb and not a noun. How can you nurture someone who needs a little extra attention? Can you care for and protect someone who is vulnerable? In what ways can you build someone’s esteem and help them grow?

Whether you are male or female, use this holiday to mother someone in the best sense of the word. And if your Mom is still with you, be sure to give her a call and a big hug. Believe me, you’ll be thankful that you could.

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