When the Hynes Convention Center was built in 1988, none of the architects could have anticipated that there would be a great demand by delegates for power outlets. The same is true for airports and most public spaces. Even with the relatively low cost and ease of attaining supplemental batteries, everyone seems to want to plug in their device and access wi-fi on demand.

Hynes has retrofitted its public spaces to incorporate charging stations in each of the planters in the lobby. During the convention I attended, these gathering points were in frequent use as people sat around watching the battery on their phone turn green. They are so popular that directions to “charging stations” even have been added to the master signage in the building.

Think about your product and what you might need to modernize to meet consumer demand. Cars have added USB ports as a standard feature. New shopping carts come with cup holders. Buildings come with Family restrooms. Businesses have added scanners for Apple Pay and Google Pay to accommodate electronic funds. What can you retrofit in your organization to retrofit your services for modern times?

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