I have written before about how socks are the most requested items in homeless shelters. Not only do they keep your feet warm but clean socks also have an amazing ability to make you feel refreshed. This is a bonus for those in shelters who may not have access to clean clothes or showers, but even if you have a drawer full of Bombas or the finest hosiery, keep this tip in mind.

Switching your socks is a training tip that I learned long ago while attending a full-day workshop. The presenter had on very colorful and distinctive socks so we noticed it when he returned from break sporting a new pair. He insisted that just donning a clean pair of socks – with no other interventions – provided a boost of energy to get him through the long hours.

Whether you are attending a convention, retreat, or a day at an adventure park, socks are an easy-to-transport way to provide a refresh during the mid-day lull. Think of socks as cotton caffeine and use them the next time you need an energy boost!

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