A local financial firm is promoting a new set of services called StackStone Wealth. I love their graphic and messaging concept:

“Stone stacking is the art of creating sculptures by balancing rocks of all shapes and sizes. The artist works with only naturally available rocks, balancing them without glue or wires into beautiful, unique shapes. At StackStone Wealth, we strongly believe financial freedom is about balance. We work with your “financial stones” – investments, risk management and tax strategies – to help you build a beautiful, unique financial life…”


I think that most people and most organizations could benefit by taking a stone stacking approach to life. In my organizational behavior class, we talk about this concept in different terms, but it is the same way that organizations build a culture: by balancing different elements of operation and process to provide a way of operating that takes the long-term into account. Relationships are built by staking small gestures and care to balance out transgressions that could occur. New strategies are infused into groups by rebalancing the stones to adjust time and effort in hopes of greater gain.

There are no “silver bullets” or shortcuts to attain the really big goals in life. If you have something of consequence on one side, the best way to achieve it is through an accumulation of small stones on the other side – working daily to create a balance between what you want in the short term and what you seek to acquire/become in the long term.

Happy Stacking!

Source: StackStone Wealth: A private wealth advisory practice of Ameriprise Financial, Inc.




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