It used to be that every house on the block offered candy to trick-or-treaters, but then allergies and health consciousness kicked in and the candy bars were no longer standard. I am all for offering a variety of Halloween treats to avoid overloading children with excess sugar, and for offering non-candy treats as an option. (See the dot from last year about the teal pumpkin project)

But Dole has taken the healthy-holiday idea too far by offering mini-salads as an option for those who come to your door. I doubt that most would see it as a trick instead of a treat!

What’s next? Pumpkin Spice Lettuce? There is a limit to how much nutrition you should promote on a holiday centered around sweetness.

Keep the context and your audience in mind when planning advertising or product launches. You don’t need to insert yourself into every holiday or fad.

Thanks, Meg!

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