One of the most delightful gifts I have received came via email last week when a friend sent me a Sugarwish. I had not heard of this before, but the giver pre-pays for a treat box for you, Sugarwish sends you an email, then the recipient has the envious/difficult task of picking out their treats from a selection of about 50 different types. Once you make the selection, it arrives via mail in a fancy package with a message card – and is so much fun!

Trying to pick out the candies was like a virtual trip to an old-fashioned candy store – many old brands like Mary Janes and Runts as well as some I had not heard of like grapefruit gummies. It was such a wonderful way to say “I Miss You!” across the miles.

We often think of others and intend to send them a greeting, but frequently it doesn’t get acted upon or ends up as a quick email or Facebook message. If you truly want to make an impression, think about virtual gifts like Sugarwish, Starbucks virtual e-gift cards or other ways to enhance your greeting or thank you. Sending along a treat that the recipient is sure to enjoy – and likely would never purchase for themselves – is a sure way to create a memorable sweet spot in your communication.






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