There is nothing like a time of crisis to unify people, and Hurricane Harvey was no exception. The following full-page ad ran in the Houston Chronicle:

To our friends in Texas,

Twelve years ago, you took in hundreds of thousands of us. You opened your homes, closets and kitchens. You found schools for our kids and jobs to tide us over. Some of us are still there. And when the rest of the world told us not to rebuild, you told us not to listen. Keep our city and traditions alive.

Now, no two storms are the same. Comparing rising waters is a waste of energy when you need it the most. But know this – in our darkest hour, we found peace and a scorching, bright light of hope with our friends in Texas. And we hope you’ll find the same in us.

Our doors are open. Our clothes come in every size. There’s hot food on the stove, and our cabinets are well-stocked. We promise to always share what we have.

Soon, home will feel like home again, even if it seems like a lifetime away. We’ll be battling for football recruits under the Friday night lights. You’ll tell us to stop trying to barbeque. We’ll tell you to lay off your crawfish boil and come have the real thing. But for as long as you need, we’re here to help.

The way of life you love the most will carry on. You taught us that. Your courage and care continues to inspire our whole city. We couldn’t be more proud to call you our neighbors, our friends, and our family. Texas forever.

We’re with you,
New Orleans

What a brilliant message to send to usual rivals as a way to show support in times of trouble. I wrote before about the Red Sox being magnanimous winners over the Cardinals, and this is in the same vein.

You can tell a lot about a person by how they act in the good times. Take the high road the next time you are on top and your rival isn’t, and communicate with good-natured ribbing and authentic class.

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