Like many others, I acquired lots of supplies as part of the adult coloring craze, but never found time to use many of them. I have the books and the pencils — and a multitude of unfinished coloring projects. They just became too big to complete in one sitting and thus were abandoned.

A new craze aims to take some of the therapeutic and relaxing elements of adult coloring and alter them to become something in a more manageable scope. Zentangle offers a platform to create an abstract drawing on a 3 inch x 3 inch “tile” (aka piece of paper). Through the use of repetitive patterns, Zentangle artists can create interesting and unique creations anywhere.

The Zentangle theory summarizes the drawing experience and outlines the parallels it has to life: no erasers are used — “mistakes” just become new opportunities; you do not begin with a pre-defined outcome; and the marks you make are best when they are deliberate.

Zentangle has been used for motivational training, creativity enhancement, problem solving and to aid in focus. Consider adding some intentionality to your random doodling and see if you (or your team) can create a Zentangle gallery of your own. The zen aspects of the rhythmic drawing may be just the thing to untangle your stress.

Thanks Joan!

Images: Pictured image from here; thousands of others on Pinterest

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