If you have been to a store lately, you likely know that fidget spinners are the new craze. For about $7 — give or take — you can purchase a cheap piece of plastic that holds a few ball bearings to spin the plastic around. They are one of those toys that is supposed to keep your mind from wandering and give your hands something to do.

I came across my own fidget spinner the other morning while I was eating breakfast:

This little guy spins around and around and the design on the sides makes an interesting pattern. It kept my attention through the whole meal…

…and then I tossed it in the recycle bin as it is the top of the orange juice container.

It reminded me of the empty box that was always the kids’ favorite plaything on the holidays. All fun doesn’t need to be manufactured. Take a moment away from the commercialism today and make your own fidget for free.



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