The word “free” is a powerful motivator, so when I heard that a local photographer was offering free sittings for pet photos if you made a $20 donation to the local pet rescue shelter, I jumped on the opportunity to get pictures. I was hoping I would like one of the shots. Instead, I had a hard time deciding which of the many excellent photographs to buy!

I spent a lot more than “free” on this project, and 10% of my print ordering also went to the rescue shelter, someplace that I had never donated to in the past. In addition, the best shot from each of the animals (as determined by Facebook voting, of course) will be featured on a calendar and sold to benefit the shelter.

This was a win-win partnership all around. I got awesome photos of my girls. The photographer made money on my print order, got her name out widely through the Facebook campaign and had people bragging about her photos. The rescue facility received awareness and a substantial donation through the multiple means of directing funding to them — and without doing any of the work!

How can you emulate this collaboration in a fund raising or community project of your own? Note that there are many roles people can play in the process — the purchaser, the one who donates and the recipient. Even if your organization doesn’t receive donations, perhaps you can be the one to give them or to buy from someone who is.

Vote for these beautiful dogs here!

Abigail & Iris
Abigail & Iris

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