A teleclass I attended featured a speaker from New Zealand. Before she began about her topic, she shared some of the pride she has for her homeland, including their love of sport. The tidbit that was most fascinating to me was that the New Zealanders intentionally chose sports where the athlete was sitting down — and found that they had the most success in them!

The country’s great athletes have come in kayaking, crew, equestrian and sailing…all “sitting” sports.

I have never classified sports in that way, but someone somewhere in New Zealand decided that this small country could not be great at everything, so they had to find a niche — or more accurately, create one — then pursue excellence in their narrowly chosen piece of the athletic pie.

Consider the arena in which you play. Can you rethink the whole to claim a new piece for yourself? Is there a way for you to focus on one small specialty rather than being a generalist? (like the photographer in tomorrow’s dot!) Or is it a matter of reframing what you are already doing to highlight the niche you have chosen?

Use today’s dot as motivation to find your equivalent of pursuing only “sitting” sports with zeal.

Extreme You teleclass by Sarah Robb O’Hagan. Massachusetts Conference for Women, April 25, 2017

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