I wonder what suddenly makes something a “hot item” among kids. I wrote before about rainbow loom bracelets, now they are quite passe’.  The newest trend for the younger set is homemade Slime. Elmer’s Glue, the trusty classroom staple that has been around since 1947, is now flying off the shelves. There have even been glue shortages if you can believe that.

When I was in Michael’s, they featured an entire display of Slime-making materials: Elmer’s Glue by the gallon, glitter and small plastic animals to put into the concoction. The display provides directions: for how to make Glitter Slime, Jumbo Colored Slime and Extra-Large Custom Glitter Slime. It is a craft store’s dream.

Slime is just one more fad that will be short lived and then irrelevant, but for today, it’s the hot item. Up your cool factor and make some Slime of your own to use instead of the usual office stress balls. Have some fun with the kids in your life and whip up a batch. Make it a group team builder or creativity contest. There is so much negative slime circulated in the news media today; get out the glue and put a positive spin on slime instead.



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