I am fascinated with how discounters choose to display their low-cost movies: often tossed randomly in a bin for people to rummage through instead of being neatly displayed on a shelf. It is the same method of presenting things in clearance aisles or at garage sales — hit and miss in a seemingly disheveled way.

But, of course, while this method may appear haphazard, there is intentionality behind the madness. I would bet that most people who dig through the bin did not enter the store planning to buy a movie. But the bargain price entices them to shuffle through, and, then when they find one they actually recognize, it seems like a prize and they are compelled to take it home. I know I have been a victim to the marketing draw.

The grab bag idea has been around since marketing began, but the modern twist is that people can see what they are grabbing. Think about how your organization offers its products and whether there is something that you should offer in a more random way. Put all your conference swag in a bin for participants to choose one? Serve snacks or fruit in an unorganized basket rather than in neat rows on display? Distribute incentives or prizes through random selection rather than prescription?

The thrill of the hunt doubles the joy of the find.

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