One of the more unique forms of advertising is the handle on the tap beer dispenser at bars. Each brand has only a few square inches to distinguish itself from the other brews, and hopefully to entice the consumer to ask for it by name. Companies use this space creatively and try to get the most out of their limited allocation.

It reminded me of the CB-radio handles that truckers used to use in the days before cell phones. These infamous monikers would distinguish one driver from another and infuse a piece of personality in the label just by their unique name. Examples included: Rachet Jaw, Treefrog, Sod Buster, Large Marge, Snow Snake and, of course, Big Buddy.

Think about the handle you would use to describe yourself or your organization. It could be a good icebreaker or exercise in branding, but how would you communicate the essence of who you are in a beer tap handle or a CD-radio name? The limitations may help you get to the core of what distinguishes you from the other swigs or rigs.

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