With Thanksgiving approaching, many people have turkey on their mind. May I suggest that you consider adding a different kind of turkey to your thinking.

During a webinar sponsored by LinkedIn Publishing, the presenters used the analogy of preparing a Thanksgiving meal: you only prepare one meal on the holiday, but from there you have enough leftovers to provide food for several other meals.
They suggested that leaders should develop one topic to which they devote considerable time and effort (the Thanksgiving turkey), but then repurpose and repackage the content to use in multiple other formats such as blogs, posts or webinars (the additional meals). It is impractical to dedicate substantial energy to every topic, but going deep with one has residual benefits.
Think about the “LinkedIn Turkey” when you are considering your content strategy for the coming year. What is your area of expertise? Where do you have robust material that can be shared through a variety of media? Have you considered packaging your ‘turkey’ around a full meal to make it truly special?
Plan to put as much time into developing your content turkey as you do preparing the bird for the holiday meal, and then bon appetite!
— beth triplett

Linked In Content Marketing webinar presented by Ira Amilhussen, June 28, 2016

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