There are many regulations out there that puzzle me, and I wonder why they are requirements at all.

> Why is suicide illegal? If you are successful, it is a moot point, and does anyone think someone who is trying to kill themselves would be deterred by breaking the law?

> Why do candidates need to gather names on a petition to get their names on the ballot? Most of the writing is illegible so I doubt anyone verifies it, and it seems to be pretty easy to do. My ballot included names for 9 presidential candidates including those from the Libertarian Party, New Independent Party, Iowa Green Party, Legal Marijuana Now Party and the Party for Socialism and Liberation so it isn’t keeping unknowns off the ballot and seems like a worthless hoop that the election officials make prospective candidates jump through.

> Speaking of ballots, why do we need to register for Democratic or Republican affiliation? Is it only for marketing efforts, which also makes no sense since I voted a mixed ballot even though I only received mailings from one party. Do we have to foster this divide right from the start?

> What is the purpose of a Dog Tax? I think it is just another way to get money from citizens since the dog doesn’t use any city services, isn’t allowed in parks and doesn’t receive any city benefits. Why do I need to register them and get a license?

These are just some observations of practices in place that make no sense to me. Take a look around your organization and ask yourself: “what is the point of this?” If you can’t come up with a compelling answer, perhaps it is time to rethink your process and simplify what you require yourself and others to do.

beth triplett

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