A friend sent me this photo from the Milwaukee airport. It’s the space just outside the TSA checkpoint and is identified as the “Recombobulation Area.”
It’s an appropriate word, since after you pass through security you often feel like you need to put yourself back together. Shoes, jewelry, pockets and luggage are all disrupted and disheveled and you need to take a few moments to get yourself back into the condition you were when you first entered the line.
While Milwaukee literally labeled a space for recombobulation, I think that similar zones are needed in far more locations. Maybe malls could have one at Christmas? Or it could be a special room in a home where parents could go after a children’s play date or party. Offices could have them for employees to use after divisive meetings or stressful deadlines. They would be useful for visitors in hospitals or for anyone who has to visit an emergency room.
We all get discombobulated at points in time. Even though there likely isn’t an official space for you to decompress, I urge you to create one of your own. Take a moment to breathe and to gather your composure before you continue on to the next gate.
beth triplett
Thanks Demetria!

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