You can buy a pair of tweezers for less than $5, or you can buy a pair of Tweezerman tweezers for three times that. Empirically, I don’t understand the difference, but when I use them, I can certainly tell.

Tweezerman implements also come with a lifetime guarantee for free sharpening. I never thought of tweezers as something that needed to be sharpened, but when mine stopped having a firm grip, I thought I would try it. I sent the implement off to them, and a week later it was returned in a nice little sleeve with a note. And what do you know, sharpened tweezers do work better!

I don’t think that anyone buys a Tweezerman because of the free sharpening, but it is still a nice bonus to add. I feel good about it and their product works better, so ultimately I feel good about the company. A win-win for everyone.

What additional service can you add to enhance the performance of your product or the use of your organization’s service? It likely won’t cost you much to perform, but you could sharpen your relationship with your customers in the process.

beth triplett


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