It is hard to resist walking by a bowl of M&Ms. My mouth waters at the sight of those vibrant colors; yet, until now, the company hid their asset behind an opaque packaging that did not show the actual product.

Apparently that is changing, at least on some level. Note the new packaging for “Patriots M&Ms.” Not only does it capitalize on the fact that the candies are in team colors, but it also allows you to visualize the actual product. You can almost taste those little morsels when you look at them.

Why hasn’t M&Ms done clear packaging for all their products? They are sitting on a gold mine of color, and packing them in various assortments would make for great eye candy (pardon the pun!) 

M&M has expanded its product line as much by changing colors as adding additional flavors. I think they would be wise to show off this key asset through clear packaging on all their products.

What asset are you hiding? Just because the bags have always been brown, doesn’t mean they need to stay that way. Think of how you can reveal an aspect of your organization in a new way and let some of your offerings do more to promote themselves.

beth triplett

Thanks Tracy for sharing!

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