The Cincinnati Reds baseball team has spent much of the season in last place; as of this writing they are 31 games out of first with a 62-83 record. If you were the Reds marketing team and had an inkling that this wouldn’t be a stellar season, how could you handle it?

It seems that the Reds came up with a brilliant solution: go retro and promote the storied past of the club. While the team has not been a contender in recent years, they do have such greats as Johnny Bench and Pete Rose as part of their legacy. They are also one of the oldest teams in the league, giving them plenty of history to tout.

If your past is more illustrious than your present, use it to gain transference of glory to the present day. It’s still part of your story, and could inspire someone to add a new chapter of glory to your tale.

beth triplett

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