I was walking on a bridge that crossed railroad tracks and marveled at the seamless way that the tracks went from two lanes to one and also from one lane to two. There was no signal, no switching, no fanfare — the tracks just split or combined at this particular point. 

The tracks can serve as a metaphor for the journey you are on. You can be moving along nicely and without realizing it, you find yourself on an entirely different route. You may find two interests that merge together (eg: a hobby morphs into your job instead of remaining separate) or you find that a relationship fades away and you are now monitoring one track instead of two.

It often feels like life changes require big transitions or deliberate choices, but I think in reality they occur more like these tracks that split or merge without effort. Allow your eye to follow the tracks in the photo to see how just a small jog can take you on a different path, and then remain aware of the track your own journey follows.

beth triplett

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