There are several different classifications of people that work within the same organization, and often it seems that one group has higher status than another. While this may be true in terms of qualifications or salary, it is good to remember that everyone plays a critical role to achieve organizational success.

I liken this differential to the race car drivers and their pit crew.

The driver may get all the accolades and attention, but without the pit crew the race could not go on. Seconds matter in the pit; the technicians there have precision and skill that the driver does not. The driver needs the pit crew and the crew relies on the driver. 

Most professions have a “driver” and a “pit crew” even if people don’t like those labels. Academics has faculty, but without the administrative support and recruitment there would be no one to teach. Movies have actors and actresses, but without the camera crew, lighting technicians and script writers there would be no film. Doctors may administer procedures, but without the nurse, facilities maintenance, and ambulance driver there would be no patient in place. 

One role in the organization is no less essential to the overall — or it should be eliminated. Everyone may not get the glory, but they all contribute to the goal.

beth triplett

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