At a recent meeting I attended, everyone sat around the table with their computers open. We had the agenda and supplemental materials on the screen, but members still had their own laptops in front of them.

I was struck by how, at that moment, everyone was using their machine for the same purpose, but as soon as the meeting adjourned these same computers would be put to use for vastly different purposes:

> Mine would result in the creation of additional dots, just as it had for the previous dots by pushing one of the 60 keys over two million times.

> One would be the driver of an awesome graphic design business, serving as a repository to both create the art and to sell it

> Still others would use theirs to develop websites for sports leagues and tournaments

The machine itself can do little without the magic that courses through your fingertips. Think of using them to produce instead of just consume entertainment or art rather than only using them as a functional business tool. 

What you can create today just by tapping on these magnificent machines?

— beth triplett

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