When people think of fund raising, they often have large amounts in mind or think of elaborate campaigns to generate revenue. A Boston food bank takes a much more low-key (ha ha) approach to acquiring a few more dollars towards food.

At the University of Massachusetts, people are encouraged to toss unwanted keys into a bucket and then the metal is recycled for cash and donated to the food bank. This sign reads: “This bucket of keys weighs 18 pounds of approximately 900 keys, and based on today’s market at $1.50 per pound, this bucket of keys generates approximately $27.00 that would go back to your local pantry in need.”
That amount may not seem like much, but it not did it take much effort to raise it either. A little here and a little there all adds up.

Think about the bucket of keys the next time you are looking to raise some petty cash. All of your asks don’t have to be direct requests for money. The key to successful fund raising could lie within a bucket. (Just think of ALS!)
beth triplett

Thanks Meg for sharing!

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