I am a big fan of self assessments and profiles as I think they offer a mirror of understanding about ourselves that is sometimes hard to see on our own. I taught a class on leadership styles and it was one of my favorites because there are so many different ways to assess traits or characteristics. It was rewarding to watch the proverbial light bulb come on in students’ heads as they finally had language to describe something that was so engrained in how they behave.

I recently came across a new instrument, linked to the Born for This materials from Chris Guillebeau. A seemingly simple (and free!) 14 question quiz yielded a rather deep and insightful profile of the kind of work I was “born to do” and described with amazing accuracy my preferred: work style, organizational structure, workplace atmosphere and pace, and means of motivation. It also gave tips and recommendations in a report that was sent to my inbox. (Surprisingly, the same descriptions are not included in the book, although a lot of other interesting information is.)

I would encourage you to take a few minutes and take the quiz to equip yourself with a little greater understanding and some succinct language to describe your ideal work. Then take a look around and see if it explains why some aspects of your work are rewarding while others are not, and resolve to change what warrants it. (This is where the book is most helpful.)  

We all spend a large portion of our life at work. Isn’t it worth a few moments to “find the work that you were meant to do?”

beth triplett

See: https://bornforthisbook.com/quiz
Born for This by Chris Guillebeau, 2016

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