I recently was thinking about the word “take.” It often has such negative connotations — that you are taking vs. giving or taking something that you shouldn’t be.

So I thought I would brainstorm all the things that you can take without it being bad.  Here is my list.

You can take…
> pictures
> charge
> your time
> away (an idea, etc.)
> notice
> a stand
> a position
> leave
> a double take
> offense
> pity
> issue
> a break
> heart
> credit
> control
> over
> two
> a drink, a sip
> a step

Not a comprehensive list, of course, but I set out to come up with at least a dozen ideas and did.

What can you TAKE away from this dot? I hope it is another example of how focus helps with creativity and that routinely TAKING a break from your routine helps you to TAKE notice of new patterns and ways of thinking. TAKE time today to pay attention to all the things you can legally TAKE to heart.

beth triplett

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