Lately I have noticed the different levels of inventory that people maintain for their use. Some people operate with a just-in-time mentality, and keep only a minimal supply on hand, while others have a plentiful amount of everything from pasta to project folders. Neither is right or wrong, rather just reflective of different levels of comfort, finances, storage space and temperament. But for the most part, things accumulate without any thought given to the amassment.

Really think about the inventory that you carry in your home or office, and strategies you could deploy to be intentional about what you keep on hand. Do you have a stack of half-used legal pads that could be used up before you grab for a new one? A bottle of shampoo that isn’t as great as you had hoped, that sits on the shelf instead of being finished? Enough of your second-favorite flavor that stays in the cupboard while you buy more of your #1 choice? A box of promotional items that could be used up before you order new? Or do you need to buy extra of that ink so you don’t run out in the middle of a report?

It is good to have a margin of supply so you aren’t running to the store for every project or meal. And it’s fine to have an abundance of things; hypothetically, say a vast collection of Sharpies, if that is what you have consciously chosen to do. Just don’t let the inventory be invisible; you should be intentional about what you have to count on.

beth triplett

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