Over the weekend, I attended a big band concert where the venue was set up in such a way that provided a dance floor in front of the stage. Throughout the first set, the conductor kept encouraging people to come forward to dance.

No one did.

Until one couple stepped out onto the floor. 

Suddenly, dozens of couples made their way to the front and danced to the rhythm of the music. The band, the dancers and even the rest of the audience had a more enjoyable time because of the extra level of participation in front.

Can you be like the first couple the next time opportunity presents itself? Do you have the courage to step forward and be first, even if it may be a bit uncomfortable? Are you confident enough to be in the lead instead of waiting to follow?

The risk of being the first dancer was fairly low. None of the people on the dance floor were Dancing-with-the-Stars-worthy, and no one really cared about their form. What mattered was that they started.

Take a lesson from the dancers and raise your hand (or feet) the next time you receive an invitation. Don’t be a wallflower on the dance floor or at work and wait for others to set the tempo.

beth triplett

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