As this blog continues to grow, I was advised that it might be worthwhile to add labels to help people find older entries that may be of interest to them. It seemed logical to me — only a handful of people have read all of the dots, and it made sense to take a step that could add new life to some of the content. If Sandra Brown could re-purpose, then so could I! (see Blog #1455)

What sounded like an easy task became arduous. Just reading 1474 entries took hours (days), let alone deciding what label to assign and then actually doing the manual task of adding the tags. But far be it for me not to finish something that I started, so I am happy to report that all four years worth of leadership dots are now tagged with the following categories:

BRAND: personal or organizational distinctions
CULTURE: organizational health and environment
COMMUNICATION: delivery of written or verbal messages
CREATIVITY: engaging in the creative process
ENVIRONMENT: examples of reduce, reuse, recycle
EXPECTATIONS: aligning expectations
FAVORITES: my personal favorites
HIRING: related to hiring and on-boarding of employees
HOLIDAYS: commemoration of specific days
IMPACT: actions that made a lasting impact
INTENTIONALITY: being intentional about small decisions
LIFE ADVICE: PERSONAL advice for living better
LITTLE=BIG: little things add up to make a big difference
PERSISTENCE: the value of sticking with something and finishing
PERSPECTIVE: system view/altering perspective
RECOGNITION: employee recognition and acknowledgement
REFLECTION: personal observations on the meaning of things
SERVICE: customer service (or the lack thereof)
STARTING: things at the beginning of a task or change effort
SUPERVISION: supervision of employees
THEN & NOW: reflections on how things were vs. how they are now
TOOLS: pragmatic, applicable tools to implement

Now the ball is in your court to use leadership dots as an on-going reference tool, not just a daily dose of inspiration. Tag: you’re it!

beth triplett

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