The road through my subdivision involves a fairly steep incline. There is one portion in particular that I can “feel the burn” when I walk the dogs around the neighborhood.

So I was surprised yesterday morning when I looked out my window and saw one of my neighbors doing sprints (yes, plural!) up and down this hill. She would run, check her time, catch her breath, and do it again. All in the morning heat.

I know that my neighbor is a varsity basketball player in college, so presumably is in good shape, but I still admired her discipline and dedication to stay in condition throughout summer “vacation.” It would be easy to slack off or just run the flat route, but she was voluntarily doing some pretty strenuous work with no immediate payoff.

What can you do today that is the equivalent of running the hill for long term gain? Is there a task you can complete at work or activity you can do for yourself that has eventual benefits, even though no one can see them right now? 

Invest your time today in something that builds strength in your future. Even better if you do it again tomorrow.

beth triplett

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