I am reading (and very much enjoying) Angela Duckworth’s book Grit. She defines grit as a combination of passion and perseverance, a “ferocious determination” that keeps people working toward their goal despite the obstacles they face in getting there.

It caused me to assess my grittiness and ask myself if I had the magic combination of perseverance and passion to do what it takes to succeed. The example that came first to my mind is this blog. Today is Happy Anniversary for leadershipdots — four full years of writing something for every single day. There are certainly days that I have no desire, let alone passion to write anything, but apparently I have enough perseverance to get it done anyway. 

Duckworth’s Grit Scale assesses where you are on the two dimensions of grit. I’d recommend that you take the quick 10-question assessment and learn for yourself whether you are stronger in passion or perseverance. Do you need to work harder to identify your true interests or do you need to stick with something longer before moving on to something new? Her book provides many strategies to strengthen your grittiness, and I’ll guess most of us could use a boost in that department. 

We’ve all experienced that sweet spot when the time just flew and we were immersed in the task at hand. Grit describes ways to cultivate that alignment over the long term. Lucky for us that it is what we put into things, not our pre-determined ration of talent, that determines what we will get out of it in the end. Apply her Hard Thing Rule to double the results from your efforts today.

beth triplett

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