First Diet Coke played around with its iconic packaging, and now Budweiser is taking their strategy one step further. From May 23 through Election Day, Budweiser is actually renaming itself.

Instead of reaching for a “Bud”, you’ll now need to pick up a six-pack of “America”. Yes, the iconic (now Belgian) beer is claiming a new label for the summer.

I am not sure what they hope this will get them besides free media hype. Many of the beer drinkers won’t even notice, especially not after the first few! I find it hard to believe that anyone is actually going to call it “America”, making it in fact a mere packaging change, and I doubt it will spur sales except amongst can collectors.

To me, this looks like a student graphic design project: Redesign the Budweiser can with a patriotic theme to remind customers that the beer is still brewed in St. Louis, even though the company is no longer headquartered there.

Back in 2008, the musical group America had a hit song “Horse with No Name.” Let’s hope InBev takes that advice and doesn’t extend the America theme to the Clydesdales, and that you think twice before deploying promotional gimmicks with your brand.

beth triplett

Source: Budweiser will call itself America for a limited time, NPR, May 10, 2016.

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