Over the weekend, I was pulling up to the cashier’s booth in a parking garage. As I handed the clerk my ticket, she said: “That will be $3.75, and do you know what a pirate’s favorite letter is?” 

The question took me by surprise, as it is not usually what I hear from a parking attendant! 

“R,” I answered.  “Wrong,” she said. “It’s The C.”

And while we continued our transaction, she continued to rattle off cheesy pirate jokes. “What is the pirate’s favorite restaurant?”  “Rbys — bet you want to go there now!”  “How much did the pirate pay to have his ears pierced?” “A buck an ear.” Etc.

Brene Brown has written about the importance of treating the service clerks with professionalism and cheer. The little banter from this attendant showed how a little joy can go a long way in a commercial exchange. It probably made her shift seem like it went faster, and it certainly brightened up an otherwise routine purchase for me.

You may not want to memorize pirate jokes to entertain your clients, but a simple smile and positive attitude can go a long way in adding some booty to the day of your fellow matey.

beth triplett

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