It takes a lot of effort to keep things “nice”, and I think it often prevents us from fully enjoying them.

> You have to shoo away the dogs when you are wearing good clothes, but can get down and hug them when you’re in jeans.

> You keep the formal living room protected from traffic and rarely use it. When you do, you sit rigidly in chairs instead of curling up on the couch like you do in the den.

> You keep the “good” jewelry locked away in the safe instead of enjoying it throughout the week.

> You have muted conversations in the fancy restaurant instead of raucous laughter with friends at the pizza joint.

There are things that warrant the extra effort, but consciously declare that distinction. Keep the reception area “nice”, but allow the work room to have some stacked boxes and disheveled counters. Designate the car as “suitable for passengers” and make the truck the clear workhorse. Put on that well-worn sweatshirt on Saturday and be liberated from the worry of dirt or dog hair.

It sucks time and effort to preserve anything. Don’t make pristine a priority for everything.

beth triplett

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