I think most people take grass for granted. It shows up every spring; it covers sports fields and parks, and for the most part, it doesn’t draw much attention.

But to the Betts Brothers, who run Tuckahoe Turf Farms, there is a difference in every blade. Tuckahoe is the king of natural turf, selling 15 million square feet of grass every year to the majority of athletic fields in the Northeast. They have supplied the turf for the Eagles, Steelers, Browns, Packers and Bears. The Pirates, Orioles, Red Sox, Indians, Mets and Nationals have all fielded balls on Tuckahoe products. Colleges, soccer teams, minor league franchises, parks and new construction all want the bluegrass to meet their needs.

It would be challenging to differentiate one field of grass from another, so the Betts Brothers came up with a way to win fans. Now they host eight soccer tournaments each year and allow high schoolers to play on their turf: winning over coaches, parents, players and others to Tuckahoe’s quality. It works too; they have sales of $4-5 million/year.

How can you provide your customers-to-be the opportunity to experience your product as it will actually be used? Free samples in the grocery store is one way, but think big like Tuckahoe. Get your prospective customers on your turf and wow them with what makes you an all-star.

— beth triplett

Source: Fields of Dreams? Turf Farm in Jersey has Role by Erik Brady for USAToday, December 2, 2015, p. 1C & 4C.

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