Birthdays have always been a big deal in my family, and apparently they are quite important for Stephanie Frazier Grimm’s family too. But Stephanie took her thoughts a step further and considered all the children who are in the hospital for their birthdays.  She wanted to be the one who brought celebrations to these children.

So Stephanie started The Confetti Foundation, an organization that provides birthday party kits to children in the hospital. Each kit consists of partyware, coloring pages, crayons, a banner and handmade birthday cards, all packaged in a wrapped box like a present.  The foundation is always seeking volunteers to make cards or provide party kits for distribution*.  

The Confetti Foundation was started by one person with an idea.  Now it serves 95 hospitals around the country and has given 845 party boxes to sick children.

What idea do you have that you can scale to help others? Is there a way you can translate “thinking good” into “doing good?” Foundations are often at the intersection of passion and need.  Think about what resides on that corner in your life.

— beth triplett

*see FAQs for more details on how to help

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