About this time last year, I wrote about the drop in gas prices to a low, low $1.89 vs. the $3.19 that it had been just a year earlier.  Here we are, now looking at an even greater drop (to $1.69 in this area) and the lowest prices for crude oil since 2004.

The cost of oil is dropping so precipitously that it is having a more negative impact than positive when taken as a whole.  While consumers may be enjoying the decrease, they will also be adversely affected as stocks decline, businesses have difficulty and the market as a whole suffers.

It seems that there is a balance point for everything.  Too low of oil prices are a problem as are those which are too high.  A weather pattern that brings too hot of temperatures is no better than one that ushers in too cold. While we all know the perils of obesity, I just read that runway models will now be required to have a certain Body Mass Index because they have been deemed to be too thin.  Parents can be too aloof or too protective of their children; too strict or too lenient.  

And on it goes. Most decisions in life occur on a spectrum. There is a time for passion and a time for moderation. Take a moment to assess whether you are at your desirable level or whether your scales are “too” one way or the other. 

— beth triplett

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