I recently went to a luncheon sponsored by our Chamber of Commerce where leaders in six industries gave the outlook for their segment in the coming year. For many, the theme was governmental regulation and overall uncertainty, punctuated by a host of industry-specific challenges as well as a few opportunities.

I was particularly struck by the speaker for the finance segment, who spoke of rising loan rates, data security and other factors. Then he ended with saying that while there are many things out of the industry’s control, the one thing that his credit union can control is how they treat their employees and customers. “Relationships matter,” he said.

It was interesting to me that the finance industry forecast had a focus on its people and not just numbers. It is true that the key differentiator in many settings is the employee, and then in turn how the employee makes the customer feel about the business.  The small business speaker also spoke of how “great employees want a company with a purpose” and many are finding that in the “Mom & Pop” businesses.

What is the forecast for your employees? In times of challenge and uncertainty, have you made efforts to link your work to your purpose and to help employees understand the overriding reason for why you exist? Have you included goals that address employee development and client satisfaction? Even in the finance industry, there is more to an organization than what can fit on a spreadsheet.

— beth triplett


Speakers: Finance/Joe Hearn CEO Dupaco Credit Union; Small Business/Tom Rauen, Envision Sports Design
Forecast Luncheon January 14, 2016

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