I wonder what it’s like to be famous.  I mean really famous.  How do you know when you are?  

Maybe it is when people recognize you in public or ask for a selfie with you.  Perhaps it is when you appear on the cover of a national magazine or are asked to be a guest on a talk show.  Or it could be when the media report your name without a descriptor behind it.

But I saw something the other day that proves that these people are undeniable legends:  they have socks with their picture on it for sale in a national chain.  Ozzie Smith, Julius Erving, Larry Bird and others have their image emblazoned on basketball socks for all to wear.  Now that is being famous, especially when it happens decades after their last professional game.

I doubt that you will be tempted to market socks with pictures of the key members of your organization anytime soon, but think of how you can craft something that keeps their legacy afoot.

— beth triplett

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