A colleague attended a speech entitled “You Can’t Sprint Forever” and shared some of the nuggets with me.  In this season of resolutions, perhaps you can resonate with some of Justin Draeger’s thought-provoking suggestions:

> Consider when “good” is “good enough.”  He called it “survival of the adequate” and advocates prioritizing when (and when not) a project warrants the extra effort.  Not every task does.

> Everything on your to-do list should be a verb.  Fit your actions with the time likely to be available. 

> Utilize technology to assist in your productivity.  His suggestions include email manager followupthen.com, the Slack team communication app and Evernote.

> “Stop glamorizing.”  We are not all crazy busy all the time (nor do we need to be).  You can have enjoyment without sprinting all the time.

Consider these suggestions as you seek to have greater work/life balance or increased productivity in the new year.  We’re all in a marathon and we’ll have a better outcome if we run the race that way.

— beth triplett

Draeger is the President of the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (NAFSAA)

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