Yesterday I wrote about the short term focus of American Airlines (or at least the one agent in Charlotte who represents them.)  Today, I will tell the tale of another employee, only this one who gets it.

I was Christmas shopping at Target over the weekend, and I wanted multiple items that were the same.  They were one short of my needs, so I checked at customer service to see if they had any more in stock.  Caitlin said that there was a yet-to-be-unpacked shipment, and I should check back the next morning…

…but, if they did not have any more in this supply, a store an hour away had 30 in stock.  Caitlin lived in that city, and she would happily go to that Target and buy one for me if need be!  It turned out that there was not one at my store, and yes, Caitlin did make a trip to the other store and brought me one the next day.  

This is a $3 item we were talking about, and yet she was willing to go far above and beyond to make a customer happy. I was impressed.

In this season that is supposed to be full of joy, many people are stressed out and grumpy. How can you emulate Caitlin and take the extra time to do something special for someone else?  Giving unexpectedly really does make the holiday merry.

— beth triplett

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