Here’s a time management tip that is easy to do and could really help get you going:  make everything on your to-do list start with a verb.

It sounds simple, but it can be the difference between creating specificity about your actions so you get started vs. having something daunting and nebulous remain there for ages.

Think about the distinction between:

> Budget and prepare quarterly report
> Workshop and develop outline for training workshop
> Taxes and categorize receipts for taxes
> Consultant’s report and read consultant’s report
> Joe and see Joe about project
> Task force and convene task force meeting
> Vacation and book flights for vacation
> Groceries and make list for grocery shopping

If you add that action and element of specificity, it is much more likely that you’ll add “cross things off to-do list” to your list of tasks for the day.  

— beth triplett

Per Amy from Justin Draeger speech at IAFSAA

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