At the end of the day, what really distinguishes your organization from any other in your industry?  The answer, of course, is your people.  

Anyone with any human resources responsibility knows that it is far better to retain good employees than to replace them.  Oftentimes, organizations recognize service milestones with a certificate or plaque, but the University of Louisville acknowledges their people in a big way.  Literally.

Celebrating 40+ Years of Service at the University of Louisville

What can you do to give special attention to those who have made a substantial commitment to you?  Can you recognize people in a creative or unique way, and in a way that lasts beyond a momentary presentation of a service award?  You may have to invest a bit of time or money to do so, but it is clearly worth it to celebrate those who have invested so much in you.

— beth triplett

Thanks Tracy for the photo!

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