It’s one thing to say that safety is your priority; it’s another thing to show it.  The Great Wolf Lodge in Michigan has gone to great lengths to show that they take water safety seriously.

Some examples:
> They have a mannequin in a display case with a sign “don’t be alarmed if you see me in the pool; I’m used in lifeguard training.”

> The lifeguards all have certifications above and beyond the basics.  The Great Wolf lifeguard program is known as “top notch.”

> Children are measured for height, and held to it through use of a corresponding wristband that allows them in certain areas of the pool

> The lifeguards are actually attuned to what is happening in the water, following a certain cadence of looking one way and then back to the next

Not only does all this effort result in a safe experience for the guests, it is an outward sign of living their values and furthering the Great Wolf brand.  Not only are they good at safety, they are great at telling their story about safety.  I am sure many other businesses take safety seriously and do many things behind the scenes, but through several symbols and visuals, Great Wolf makes the intangible training tangible.  It becomes a visual part of the value proposition for why guests should stay at this resort over others.

Think about what values your organization holds and how you can let others know that you are living them.  

— beth triplett

Thanks Mike!

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